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33% higher performance due to interactive internal webcasts

Dialogue, not monologue is key to success




For the first time ever scientists brought evidence that frequent interactive use of internal digital platforms affects performance as profit and revenue growth or the number of innovative products at least with 33%. Key factor to success: the option of having a live-dialogue between leaders and employees = if superiors in their webcasts not only announce projects or explain strategies, but listen and react to questions and comments alike.

Monologues to the staff without any Qs and As do not trigger postive organisational culture, even not in its digital form, and are hence no option anymore in a professional context.

Referring to two recently published studies from LA surprisingly only a few organisations make use of these advantages of modern communication. Based on these results the scientific team recommends executives to keep themselves updated when it comes to new technologies and development for digital interaction.

Leadership Communication on Internal Digital Platforms, Emotional Capital and Corporate Performance: The Case for Leader-Centric Listening. Cardon/Huang/Power, International Journal of Business Communication, I-27, 2019.




From the practice:

I am not surprised at all: Has the frontal lecture become obsolute in the analogue world in recent years, it was only a matter of time to find this rejection of monologues and the avoidance of interaction also in the digital community. This given it will get more and more difficult to argue why webcasts b executives in fields where employees have access to social media won´t offer any sort of option for dialogue int eh future.

So digital internal communication resembles more and more a panel or a press conference which will be braodcasted or streamed live. From my point of view this trend has enormous benefits: it will provide those who are interacting digitally frequnetly with their employees, pretty quickly skills and routine to stand up for their points and to respond in a clear, still motivating way.

Next time when I once again will be confronted with the tassk of supporting my clients for taping an effective webcast fort he intranet, we have to expand our topics in the future: we have to talk about potential concerns of the staff and train respective answers.

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