Dear partners, dear friends!

18 years of specific experience as an executive coach and communication trainer – this is a bunch of expertise. By supporting managers, politicians and scientists alike to pass critical moments with masterfulness and credibility. Trademark and result of my work are clients who combine professionalism with authenticity when occupational challenges pop up. Successful communication and leadership don´t occur by chance, though – a lot of systematization, substance and consequence lie behind it.

Yes, my coaching is demanding, but it works:
After their appearances, change processes or new business developments my clients are given positive feedback above average from affiliates, recruits, superiors, colleagues, employees and journalists. And they get in 8 out of 10 cases the job, the assignment, the mandate or the third-party-funding they have applied for.

Motivated by an increase in cooperation with academics I have decided to share with you from now on scientific insight which covers my area of activity. I´d lke to present accurate papers from the social-scientific community that address topics like human perception, oral communication, behavioral change or coaching per se. Short and easily to digest and with a list of references for those of you who want to go into more detail. My blog will start – always at the Ides of a month – with November 15th, 2017.

Wishing us a lot of new findings


Regina Jankowitsch

P.S.: In case you on your own have discovered a respective study which you consider interesting, please let me know! I do appreciate any impulse of yours!