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Leaders don´t plan and steer meetings effectively

Only 16% have policies how and when to use powerpoint



Leaders make it too easy when blaiming powerpoint alone for their bad meetings. It is the lack of their professional planning and steering, which results predominantly in the lack of effectiveness. Hence there is a huge deficit when it comes to the strategic question how and when powerpoint is to be used in the business world: referring to a recently published US-study 84% of the organisations involved don´t have anything like a policy for the usage of powerpoint and authorize with their eyes open that topics are presented complex, lengthy and hostile to dialogue.

What an enormous potential is waiting to be kissed awake when 55 million meetings which cost more than 1 trillion USD take place annually and in parallel 70% of the participants do consider them not productive. The scientists recommend managers to initiate change at themselves and to think about strategies for added values in their meetings instead of a trivial powerpoint bashing.



From the practice:

For years I am annoyed how pretty quickly organizations of any kind try to push their efficiency by cost cuttings and dismissals. Instead of changing their bad meeting cultures sustainably. Huge amounts of time, money and nerves could be saved to the benefit of all, I am deeply convinced. To bring the overkill of ppt onto more professional tracks is only part of that, though a part with which you may start right now:

  1. Anticipate before your meeting if ppt is the best tool at all. Flipcharts, demos, interviews or videos might bring content equally to the point, but foster dialogue tremendously better.
  2. Issue that no presentation in any meeting is to be longer than 10 minutes and should consist of not more than max. 5 slides including the start and the end.
  3. Encourage your team to present the key messages of their presentation right at the beginning in one single minute. This procedure supports a clear focus and makes the presentation more interesting.

And I hope it goes without saying that you as the superior are leading by example, isn´t it?

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