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Report from Lissabon

500 Scientists at the 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the ISPP





„Empowering Citizens in Illiberal Times: The Political Psychology of Oppression and Resistance“ – with this motto this year´s conference of the International Society of Political Psychology, a discipline still not known in Austria, has taken place in Portugal´s capital from July 12th-15th. And here are the most interesting results from the studies, surveys and experiments presented:
• Lying Politicians do so mostly in their second term and as members of bigger parties.
• Groups who believe they do not get the appreciation they deserve („collective narcissism“) show vis-a-vis strangers significantly more aggression. In case they feel needed and think that the greater idea needs them to succeed, though, they can turn from haters to supporters, i.e. with the EU.
• Austrians wish their ideal politicians to be more emotionally stable, more extravert, more disagreeable and to a certain extent more open and more conscientious than they themselves on average.
• The attitude to be second class citizens is in Eastern Germany the prevailing motive for Right-wing populism and Right-wing extremism. The middle class and this particularly in smaller towns are hotbeds for radical political thought.
• Partisans do apologize moral misdemeanor of their „own“ politicians much more easily than in general. If there are charges of sexual misconduct conservatives are more frequently support the perpetrators, not the victims.

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