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Shorter, clearer, heartier and Cuomo

Coaching experiences from the corona crisis




Any crisis has its chances. Here are some for managers in times of Corona:

  1. Meetings are much shorter. Online-communication is merciless when it comes to longueurs due to poor preparation or attentiveness. This was apparent shortly after the retreat into the home offices. Consequently each participant and particularly the host of the meeting was tremendously better prepared and more concentrated than usual. If this keeps going on even after Corona companies and organisations will save quantities of time, money and nerves.
  2. Strength of character as well as incompetence are much clearer identifiable. Superiors, peers and staff experience in the face of financial, health and social threats how people at the working place really tick, whom you can count on and whom not. With that cumulated stress nerves are lying naked. (Certainly we do recognize all this in times of normal working mode, we have to look at it more closely and can ignore it more easily, though.
  3. Contacts are currently almost always heartier. Corona is enabling a completely new situation valid for everyone on earth: each call, email or meeting starts in these days with personal issues and people seem to be seriously interested in the wellbeing of others. Let alone unknown waves of cultivating contacts which bring all of us in ongoing business relations closer to each other unforgettably. Crisis welds together.
  4. Andrew Cuomo is after Obama the new star in Political Leadership. How the governor of NY State since March 21st is setting standards for crisis communication with his daily press briefing is highly inspiring: ruthlessly open, details to Corona we have not even heard of her, pictorial, wise, unmistakable, personal, sometimes even humorous and all the time perfectly aligned with simply great powerpoints.


A drop of bitterness still is out there: constantly making calls with or without video is

exhausting. What ´s missing are the small relaxing breaks on the way to and from

any meeting.

So let´s look forward tot he days, weeks and months beyond Corona! Take care and

stay healthy!

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