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They all want the same: leaders who listen and inspire as role models

Motivation by positive communication has an impact on diverse teams, too





Regardless how diverse members of a staff might be: In the end blue-collar and white-collar workers, young and old, women and men, locals and migrants all want the same to feel motivated: leaders who listen and inspire as role models. Simultaneously self-disclosure of superiors has much less impact on follower´s perception than previously thought. These are the partially surprising results of a new study conducted and published recently at the California State University.

What this means is cristal clear: acknowledgement, appreciation and support are needed by all employees independent of their very specific and individual personal backgrounds. The researchers argue that this is due to our intrinsic desire for quality relationships, quality that can be tapped excellently with Positive Communication.

“Followers´ Perceptions of Positive Communication Practices in Leadership: What Matters and surprisingly What does not”, Biganeh/Young, in: International Journal of Business Communication”, I – 20, Feb. 2021.


From the practice:

The results of this study are not that astonishing to me as apparently for the authors. After 22 years in the coaching business and with clients from 5 different areas – Western Europe, Eastern Europe, UK, US and Middle East – I dare to make a rather unscientific comment: all of us look for attention and affection. It is the detail where cultural differences pop up and have to be acknowledged: how fast, how direct and what sort of wording you use for motivating the staff.

Let me add some recommendations to the topics “listening” and “inspiring role model”: 1. Please find space and concentration when listening to employees. You cannot note key details with the utmost precision otherwise. 2. Please have in mind that as a leader you are constantly under observation. Lots of managers underestimate this aspect and are surprised after all what their teams conclude from their walk and talk unintentionally.



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