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Voicers are sleeping better

Office behavior prevents or brings insomnia




A new option how we can care for our own sleep´s sake has popped up: start asap expressing promotive voice at your working place and you definitely will be slumbering better. Way better than those at least who are sticking with pure critique for procedures or content and than those who don´t manage to deliver solutions, too. Why is this? According to a newly published US study solvers are more able to relax from a heavy working day and to fall asleep with pleasant feelings. Actually it is a vicious circle: one who sleeps not well is lacking energy on the very next day for bringing in solutions and good ideas. And one who is rolling over problems all over the day without giving birth to innovative answers does sleep badly.

Heydarifard/Krasikova, “Losing Sleep Over Speaking Up at Work: A Daily Study of Voice and Insomnia”, in: Journal of Applied Psychology”, 2023, vol. 23-103033108, nr. 9, 1559-1572.


 From the practice:

It is logical somehow, and still fabulous to listen to it explicitly: that the feeling after having made a constructive contribution, after haven given one´s part to accomplishing a project, is satisfying AND makes us sleep well.

So if you ask me, organizations of any kind do face right now a typical win-win-situation: those who want their staff to have enough sleep overnight, are nourishing number and quality of promotive voice, and those who are fostering an open culture of discussion and transparency where solutions and ideas from the staff are appreciated do support indirectly a healthy team qua good sleep.

And you, dear employees, you do have another brilliant reason to develop a more stringent orientation towards goals and solutions. Good luck to all!

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